Finally, A Fix for Windows 8 OpenGL Error

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I’ve been looking through options and ideas for a year. Yes, an entire year.

I like playing Minecraft and installing Windows 8 stopped that in short order.

I have Intel Mobile Series 4 Family Chipset drivers and Intel is not upgrading them for Windows 8 —thanks, guys (-.-!)—so I’ve been messing with work-arounds.

I finally have a solution that actually works and is easy to follow—I’m sure other solutions work, but I had trouble following them as I’m not a computer tech; I only know enough to be dangerous.

There are three parts: 1) Downloading and modifying Windows 7/Vista drivers; 2) getting Windows 8 to allow you to install unsigned drivers; and 3) finally installing your drivers. NOTE: At the end are instructions to disable automatic driver updates. It’s important because if your Windows 8 installs newer drivers, that will undo all the tweaks we’ve just made.

It might look complicated, but trust me, it’s only detailed steps that are easy to take.

I’ve also been told that it could work—it does—to force Windows 7 drivers to run on Windows 8, but it could cause problems. I haven’t had any, but I caution you to use at your own risk.

Intel Mobile Series 4 Family Chipset Drivers for OpenGL use with Windows 8:

1. Downloading and modifying Intel drivers

  • Download Win 7/Vista drivers in .zip format from and Save it, don’t open it yet. I used driver version (151718). Win7/Vista drivers are not all created equal. The newest driver on ( does not contain a igdlh64.inf file. FYI: You can also download the already unzipped drivers, but this way is much, much easier. There is headache involved with the unzipped as Windows 8 tries immediately to download and you hit a software/hardware incapability block.

NOTE: a follower replied that in the new Intel drivers ( instead of tweaking the igdlh64.inf file (igdlh.inf in 32-bit) under Graphics, a person can do the same to the kit49684.inf file.  I haven’t tried it, but it sounds perfectly logical and workable to me. This is spectacular news in case Intel ever stops offering the old driver downloads. (Thanks, Mark.)

This link is directly from Intel. I’m not certain how long it will be accessible. You can get the driver from other sites, but  be careful to uncheck the boxes that add other toolbars/ad programs, etc.  Download Link: Intel Driver

  • Right click the downloaded driver .zip file (no doubt saved under “Downloads”) and choose Extract to… any folder (write down or remember which folder). I use Winzip to unzip my files.
  • Open the folder where you placed your unzipped drivers. It should look something like this.    
    unzipped folder
  • In the Graphics folder, find igdlh64.inf , (or kit49684.inf in driver right click on it and choose to Open with Notepad.      
  •   Copy everything under [IntelGfx.NTamd64.6.0] (or equivalent for 32-bit) and paste it under [IntelGfx.NTamd64.6.2]. It now should look like this:
    igdih64.inf revised

  •          Go to File on the top bar and Save.

The drivers will not install. By default, Windows 8 will refuse to install unsigned or modified drivers. Getting the drivers to  install  requires disabling Driver Signature Enforcement.

2. Installing unsigned drivers on Windows 8 Pro

Now, we need to start Windows 8 in “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” mode to install any unsigned or modified driver.

  • Choose the settings option (gear icon) in Windows 8 by hovering the cursor over the top or bottom right corner of the screen.


  • Choose Change PC Settings option

PC Advanced Settings

  • WINDOWS 8:

Choose General on the left hand side. Scroll down to bottom and choose Restart Now



  • WINDOW 8.1:

8.1 Recovery and Update


8.1 restart

 A huge thank you to for the Windows 8.1 detail.

  • Click Troubleshoot


  • Click Advanced options

Advanced Options

  • Click Startup Settings

Startup Settings

  • Click the Restart button


  • Choose the Disable Driver Signature Enforcement (mine is F7)

Disable Driver Sign

  • Enter to start Windows.  There is a significant wait before the next screen appears, my Acer also went to the load screen for a split second.

You should now be able to install the driver needed. After the driver installs, rebooting will enable driver signature enforcement again.


3. Installing Downloaded Drivers

  • Go to the folder where you saved your modified driver files.
  • Click the Setup.exe file.

Several things will happen. The installer will ask if you’re sure you want to download an unsigned driver. You are, so click Download Anyway. Also the screen will go wonky for a bit during the download. It will return to normal soon.

Intel install screen

  • After install, hover again over top or bottom right corner and choose the settings option.


  • Choose Control Panel.

Control Panel

  • Open and go to your Device Manager

Device Manager

  • Expand your Display Adapters

Display adapters

  • Right click and Choose Update Display Software

Update Device Software

  • Choose Browse my computer for driver software.


  •  Choose “Let me pick”

Let me pick

  • Now follow the prompts and install the new drivers you just added. FYI: No drivers with  WDDM 1.1 will allow OpenGL software.

Pick Driver to Install

Change automatic driver updates:

  • Right click in lower left corner of screen and choose Search

Search-device installation

  • Search under Settings “device installation” and choose to change them.

device installation change

  • Choose to never install drivers.  This will allow you to decide which ones to install. Go ahead and install device drivers for your other hardware like printers, etc. but leave your Display Device drivers alone.😀

never install drivers

You’ve done it ! Now start a game that uses OpenGL, like Angrybirds or Minecraft and see how you fare.

NOTE: If you have trouble, someone else probably did, too. Don’t forget to read the comments below.:-) Thanks.

58 thoughts on “Finally, A Fix for Windows 8 OpenGL Error

    1. Patti Post author

      I apologize. I used the driver. I honestly believe there was a 151719 that I downloaded a couple times with a igdlh64.inf file. Not sure what happened to it, but the newest 151719 Intel is offering ( does not have the igdlh64.inf file.

      In the 151718.64.2555, the igdlh64.inf file is 45 lines down in my graphics folder. between and igdumd32.dll which is about half way through the files after all the .resources files.

      I’ll edit my post to reflect this. Thanks for the heads up.😀

      UPDATE: Being a paranoid kind of person, I again downloaded the 151718.64.2555 driver file. Phew! The igdlh64.inf is still in that one. :-p Same locale as I noted above.

    1. Patti Post author

      I added the link to Intel under the first bullet point where it talks about installing the driver. Hope that helps, Jason.:-)

  1. teldric43

    Thank you so much! I thought myself alone with my problem and my shitty graphics card for years!

    1. Patti Post author

      You’re very welcome. I don’t mind Windows 8, but this frustrated me and others.:-) Glad I could pass on a fix.

  2. Mitch

    Worked for me (dell latitude E5400, Intel Mobile Series 4 Family Chipset drivers) :):) Many thks!!

    1. Patti Post author

      Yay! FYI: I’ve been running an OpenGL game for a few months now this way and have not had any glaring errors from this driver tweak.

  3. Dilshad Sharef

    Hi Patti,

    Thank you very much for this great tutorial, I have managed to fix mine following your easy steps and I am so happy now, all credit to you

    1. Patti Post author

      I’m so glad I could help. (claps) It is extremely frustrating to be locked out of programs because a simple thing like OpenGL is left out of an update.

      I’ve been using the above tweak for several months–since the same day that I posted this blog–and still have NO negative consequences (that I can discern).😀

      Happy Computing!

  4. Ronan

    You are a hero!:)
    MineCraft is back in action.

    One problem I had while installing was finding the startup window, I couldn’t get the troubleshoot area open so what I did to fix this is search for “startup” and click on “change settings for advanced startup options”

    Worked perfectly:)

    1. Patti Post author

      That is a good tip to know. Thanks. It will be easier for others now, I’m sure.😀 I’m still playing Minecraft on my old Acer with new Windows 8 and it’s still working great also.:-)

  5. Anonymous

    Patti, thank you very much! Whoever thougt on writing -No for Windows8- in the setup file should be punished😉

    1. Patti Post author

      You are most welcome. And I agree. Not sure if it was Microsoft or Intel that decided to disable OpenGL for Windows 8, but I don’t like whomever it was. :-p FYI: I’m still not having any visible (or invisible, that I know of) issues with Windows 8 or Minecraft using this workaround.😀

  6. Paul

    I’m guilty of rarely thanking people like you for solving problems. But I thank you for this one. My 9 year old will be happy that I (you) fixed Minecraft for him. I used a Win7 driver for my Intel 82945G chipset and now we’re all set. Maybe my wife will let me buy a new computer now — this HP Pavillion we’re using is ancient…6 years old???

    1. Patti Post author

      You are most welcome. I still can’t fathom why Intel thinks they don’t need to offer new driver support for computers older than 2011.

      And I think my computers are older than yours. I try to buy those that are upgradable for…well, for forever. The tech industry’s forever is a lot shorter than mine :-p

      Tell your 9-year-old to enjoy Minecraft again. I am working on a castle and village in my world now. I’ve designed 2 Spanish Galleons, a farm with a large red barn and numerous houses in my various worlds. I still would like to create a “hot air balloon” style house and a lot of other buildings I’ve seen pictures of on the internet.

      1. Paul

        Well what do you know…you’ve helped me again. I upgraded to Windows 8.1, which wiped out my previous drivers, etc. For whatever reason, it took me several weeks to decide to try this process again and it worked once more. I fear that Minecraft won’t work for us once they go to OpenGL 2.1 — I don’t know what that will do to us…

        Thanks again!

      2. Patti Post author

        Yay, Paul! You’re welcome…again.

        As far as OpenGL 2.1 goes, I’m sure we can configure a tweak for it also based on the one I pieced together here.:-) I am hoping the next release of Windows will be a good version with OpenGL (i.e. Windows 98=good, Windows ME/2000=bad, Windows XP=good, Windows Vista=bad, Windows 7=good, Windows 8=bad…see a trend here?).

  7. SnookerML

    Wow this was so amazing I cannot thank you enough. I found this link from a Microsoft community page and have added my detailed thanks there. In short I have been a software developer for 30 years but would never have figured this out. My kids got my 8 year old grandson his first “computer” a cheap refurbished laptop with Win8.1 mainly to play Minecraft. I was truly afraid the hardware was just too low end but then started to read about missing OpenGL support but your post has explained it all so well.

    One thing is that MS has moved some of the locations for some configurations in Win8.1, so in your directions in step 2, there is no “General” item anymore so finding Restart Now then Troubleshoot was a little bit harder to find. Like I said at the Microsoft site, I am so happy we don’t have to take back his laptop (which was not possible anyhow as it was a private sale), that I’d love to donate to your PayPal account. You can email me if you are interested but I understand you might not. anyhow Patti…. THANKS!!!!

    1. Patti Post author

      You are very welcome. Save your donation and buy something for your grandchild. I see there are plushy creepers and endermen out at retail areas these days.😀

      I did not update to Windows 8.1 mainly because I must have disabled my Windows store some how and Windows 8 isn’t allowing me. I’ve also read there are some bugs with it so I’m waiting those 8.1 bugs out. I will search how to find restart in 8.1 though and add an update. Thanks for the tip.

  8. eyeshield30

    Hello, excuse me, my laptop is also Toshiba Satellite, except its one level below yours. Mine is 32 bit version, so i downloaded the 32-bit version driver from Intel’s site. But i can’t find the igdlh64.inf file in it. Which driver i should download? Thank you.

    1. Patti Post author

      I think your driver file would be igdlh32.inf as it’s a 32-bit rather than 64-bit. I haven’t tried this tweak on a 32-bit, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work since you are using a 32-bit driver file to alter a 32-bit driver file. IMPORTANT NOTE: Backup you settings under System Restore before you make any changes. If you find this doesn’t work for you, you can easily get your computer back to what it was before using the restore point. Good luck.:-)

      EDIT: After thinking this through–although setting a manual System Restore point is always a good idea before messing with computer programs–I don’t think a restore point will help in this instance. I believe to “reset” the computer after trying this tweak, a person would need to go to the Device Manager and update the graphics drivers.

      1. eyeshield30

        Hey, thank you very much, it worked! I read again your post slowly and i found that I must download the exact version of driver you mentioned, but in 32-bit version. And i finally found the igdlh thing and i followed the rest of your instruction, and voila!
        Now i can play Broken Sword 5.
        Thank you again!

  9. Patti Post author

    Yay, eyeshield! Was everything you did with the 32-bit .inf file the same or very similar to a 64-bit in the instructions I’ ve given? I’m glad it’s working.:-)

    1. eyeshield30

      Yes, it was exactly the same except in the 32-bit version, the number 64 in every file is gone. Igdlh64.inf became only igdlh.inf and so on. The rest of the steps are just same!

  10. james

    Thanks Patti,worked a treat, just wish i found yours first would have saved me a couple of hours.

    Thanks again.

  11. Joe Warnimont

    Patti, just wanted to drop a line and say thank you so much for this tutorial. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few weeks now, and after printing out your steps I was up and running within maybe 15 minutes. Thank you so much!

    1. Patti Post author

      You printed out my steps? (O.o) Lots of ink there. :-p Anyway, I’m glad it helped. Several places on the internet seem to have part of the solution, but noone ever went through the whole procedure. After much frustration, I finally pieced it all together and needed to share it with others so they didn’t need to.😀 You’re welcome and I’m very glad it worked for you.

  12. Holden

    So I did all of the steps it worked up to when I clicked minecraft then after I click enter game it goes black and crashes and gives me a log of errors on desktop😦 I googled around and found out that the error is happening because of old video card driver which is what i just changed and I cant update driver because the update will bring me back to where i started lol any help would be appreciated =/

    1. Patti Post author

      As I said in my description of my post, I know enough to be dangerous is all. I did find this post though and the problem seems similiar to the one you are describing.

      Hope it helps.

      ADDED: Other thoughts: 1) You may want to try right clicking on the desktop Minecraft icon and “run as administrator” or 2) you may want to reinstall Minecraft. If your error is truly due to an old graphics driver, I’ve not had anything like that happen to myself or the others who have commented on using this tweak. You may want to 3) update to the newer drivers and start over with these instructions. Or 4) all of the above ;-p

  13. Holden

    Well I got minecraft running =D I went to look at the drivers again like you suggested and clicked rollback driver and then it went though the process of changing and then minecraft worked!

  14. Raunak Daga

    My computer says that This computer does not meet the minimun requirements to install this software. Please help! I just upgraded from WIndows 7 using a package my school system gave me. I cant play Minecraft or anyhting because I dont have OpenGL. My computer is a 2010 Acer with a AMD athlon driver. Is it too old to work Windows 8?

    1. Patti Post author

      It’s not too old for Windows 8. Mine is older. The error message you are getting, I got many times. You’ll need to follow my instructions to tweak the drivers to run OpenGL if you want to play Minecraft. Find the Windows 7 driver that works for your Acer then substitute it where I’ve mentioned Intel drivers.

      EDIT: the message comes from trying to install the other drivers. You don’t want to do this. You want to open the driver in a Notepad and copy out the part you want and put where it needs to be. Follow the instructions and you should be fine.

  15. Mark

    Hi Patti,

    Great work thanks! Unbelievable what one must do to workaround Windows 8.

    One more suggestion … you can use the latest version .2869 if you edit and update the file: Kit49684.inf instead of the igdlh64.inf file in the .2555 version. I just tried it and it worked fine for me ….. so I have the latest 2012 driver ver 2869 now, based on your instructions.

  16. Elias Bongert

    Ohh i like this post alot but when i want to start the Setup it says your Pc doesnt has the requierments to run this setup … I feel dumb now cause i really want to play minecraft

    1. Patti Post author

      You are getting the incompatibility message because you’re trying to install the updated driver or you missed the section about disabling Windows 8 security program before installation of the modified driver. Reread the instructions and see which one you missed. Let me know how you fare.😀

  17. mark lopez

    Wow! it worked!!! you are soooo awesoome!😀 thank you very much for the help! hope you can do more amazing things to help others! god bless you!

    1. Patti Post author

      You are too kind, but you’re welcome.:D And as far as amazing things to help others, I hope there aren’t many more software disasters like this one. hehehe

      1. Patti Post author

        Hehehe. You must have seen the prior comment on 32-bit.😀 Hope everything works well for you. Let us know how the 32-bit turns out.

    1. Patti Post author

      Thanks for the link. I looked at this post also before I devised my fix. It’s helpful if you have an ATI Radeon graphics card (not sure if it’s onboard or not), which I believe is made by AMD. My graphics card is an Intel so this fix doesn’t work on my computer.😦

      There are a lot of fixes out there and this is a good reminder to search online for your card and see if possibly there is an updated driver or an easier fix. So far for the Intel graphics cards like mine (old style Intel Mobile Series 4 Family Chipset), the painstakingly drawn out fix I’ve detailed is the only fix unless Intel finds a heart and issues graphic card updates for those like mine -or- Minecraft developers decide to upgrade the game to work with Microsoft’s new Windows 8. I’m not holding my breath for either one anytime soon.

  18. Anonymous

    seriously, very few people thank from heart, mine is…… thank you a lot. how did you figured this out ??? it had made me crazy for long………..

    1. Patti Post author

      Thank you sooo much for the heartfelt thanks.😀

      Btw, I searched the internet for solutions and found a piece of this puzzle here and a piece there. No one put the pieces together, I did that. It took me a longgggggg time to figure out how they fit. :-p

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